Sincere thank you for being with us and supporting us in 2014.
This is the final newsletter of 2014, summarizing the year and planning for 2015.

1. UVCA was founded

UVCA was founded on September 25th by 27 founding members, initiated by Andrey Kolodyuk (AVentures), Horizon Capital (Natalie Jaresko), Jaanika Merilo. Founding event was featured even in Wall Street Journal:

2. UVCA Management was elected.
UVCA Full Members (private equity investors) elected 9 members of Supervisory Board and Executive Director.
Supervisory Board members are: Andrey Kolodyuk (Chairman, AVentures), Alexander Soroka (, Bohdan Kupych (KM Core), Erik Nayman (Capital Times), George Logush (KSE), Mark Watt (Noosphere Ventures), Michael Kharenko (Vostok Ventures), Roman Simonov (Ukraine Partners (SigulerGuff), Torben Majgaard (Ciklum).
Supervisory Board elected as Executive Director Jaanika Merilo.

3. Five Committees were formed.
– Legal Committee (Chairman Anna Zorya, Arzinger, Co-Chair Taras Dumych, Wolf Theiss)
– Research
– Invest in Ukraine (Chairman Maria Barabash (A7), Co-Chair Bernard Casey and Alexey Aristov (Deloitte)
– ICT (Chairman Andriy Dovzhenko (SMRK), Co-Chair Inna Rumiantseva (Garden Ventures),
– Energy (Chairman Victoria Grib)

4. UVCA was accepted to EVCA
UVCA was accepted as Honorary Member of European Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (EVCA) after due diligence on processes, Charter, management and providing 4 recommendations. This opens access to 700 funds and corporate investors and 500 affiliated members.
Press conference on acceptance was supported by Sevki Acuner (EBRD Country Director of Ukraine) and Dmytro Shymkiv (Deputy Head of Presidential Adminiatration).

5. UVCA presented Memorandum to Government
UVCA had a constructive meeting with Minister of Economic Development and Trade Aivaras Abromavicius and presented him the Memorandum from investors to government. Memorandum is compiled of recommendations and demands from investors on improving the investment climate. Next meeting with Minister Abromavicius is planned to take place on January 14th and Memorandum will be presented to wider public and other members of Cabinet in January.

7. New Cabinet of Ministers
We were very happy to welcome and offer our support to new Cabinet including Natalie Jaresko (one of the initiations of UVCA, former Horizon Capital) as the new Minister of Finance and Aivaras Abromavicius (former East Capital) as Minister of Economic Development and Trade.

8. UVCA in Internet and media
UVCA was featured in over 30 media publications and news programs from to Savik Shuster.

9. DealBook of Venture Investments In the Ukrainian Industry 2012-2014

10. Please see our calender of Events Q1 2015

Andrey Kolodyuk

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