The Revolution of Dignity transformed the minds and values of Ukrainians. Still, Ukraine’s challenge is to turn the vast human and intellectual potential into economic and social value. Over the past few years, Ukraine has gone through painful, although necessary transformations, building its path to recovery and economic growth. In this critical time for Ukraine and whole Eastern Europe, catch the momentum to discover Ukraine, its potential, opportunities and fellow leaders.

As a follow up of Geneva Ukraine Initiative we would like to invite you to join us on a trip to Ukraine, the birthplace of the European Black Swan on a 2nd Ukraine Discovery Tour, from 02-05 of June 2016.

Benefits for the Participants

  1. Explore Ukraine with its potential and get inspired by the country’s transformational process;
  2. Connect with leading personalities and thought leaders from politics, business and society;
  3. Contribute to the country development through finding solutions to its major challenges;
  4. Establish partnership with leading companies in IT, Agriculture, Media and PR, as well as Start-ups, Venture Capital and Private Equity funds;
  5. Strengthen the network and connection between YGL’s fellows and Global Shapers community members.


  1. Attracting FDI’s and Donors;
  2. Sharing Best Practices: Ukrainian transformation;
  3. Boosting Growth and Promoting Entrepreneurship;
  4. Peace Building and Security Improvement;

Preliminary Workshops:

  1. Industry Sectors, such as IT, Agriculture, Security Sector, Open Data, Media and PR;
  2. Investment Opportunities by meeting the “successful stories of Ukraine”, such as BORSCH Ventures, Ukrainian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association, 1991 Open Data Incubator, UA.RPA, Petcube;
  3. Strengthening the Civil Society as a key to economic growth in Ukraine.

If you still have any doubts, please read how great it was last year

Please reach us via the email or submit the form.

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