Any industry begins with the outlook. 

It is important to show to global community Ukrainian investment market’s achievements as well as ambitions regarding development. Thanks to the outlook, Ukrainian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (UVCA) continues to build strong relationships with recipients, this is an essential factor that proves that the industry does not just exist, but also developing. Literally in Ukraine we have two investments closed per week where majority of investee companies are focused on the global market. In this context Ukrainian Venture Capital and Private Equity overview is important espessially in a global context. The goal of our Association is to make Ukraine appeared on the world investment map, and the report will facilitate this. The top priority now is to improve attitude of the world community to Ukraine, and we are working on it day by day.

Aiming to promote Ukraine we are planning to provide regular outlooks and reports to demonstrate all our opportunities and growth. Despite there have been already various researches, it is important to complete reliable data and statistics. Needed to be note, that UVCA outlook takes into account all requirements of Invest Europe (formerly – EVCA). This proves its compliance with global standards and requirements. It is just the first step, but thanks to our members we try to shoat accelerates building a bridge between internal and global investment ecosystems. We show that Ukraine is turning into a young global undercapitalized investment market that gives opportunities for international investors to step in alongside with local investors.

Promoting Ukraine is our mission and the overview is just one step. Thus, we continue working on enhancing the investment climate of our country, as well as proving that it is possible and necessary to INVEST IN UKRAINE.

Please use the link to find full version of overview:

Andrey Kolodyuk

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