New blockchain-based video platform is designed to reward users, advertisers, and content creators. For more information visit
New blockchain-based video platform is designed to reward users, advertisers, and content creators. For more information visit

Over-The-Top (OTT) SmartTV service, DIVAN.TV, has announced that they are tokenizing their existing platform, which has 2 million users across 195 countries. DIVAN.TV 2.0, the new blockchain-enabled video platform is designed to eliminate intermediaries and benefit users, content owners, and advertisers. The company, which has been operating successfully for seven years, will be part of the wave of emerging blockchain technology that is changing the Pay-TV market.

The new video platform will be a freemium model for viewers. DIVAN.TV 2.0expects users will earn up to the equivalent of $10 a month in the platform’s D1T token just by watching their favorite movies and TV shows. The D1T token will be used as the method of payment on the platform to officiate transactions between users, content creators/owners and brands. For the first time, customers will be rewarded for watching content with tokens, which can be spent on premium content. Viewers will be granted 30% of the advertising revenue the Platform gets in D1T tokens. Content creators will receive 50% of ad revenue, an exponential leap from the current 3–5% paid by other video content sites. The remaining 20% of revenue will be a platform service fee, used to cover operating costs and support business growth.

“Through decentralization and an internal token economy where all parties directly transact with one another, we solve the main market problems. Viewers can benefit by earning our tokens and having free access to premium content afterward, brands can reach target audiences through advertising. Content creators get a larger, and well-deserved, share of the ad revenue pie,” said Andrew Kolodyuk, Founder and Chairman of DIVAN.TV and Founder and managing partner of AVentures Capital.

With this model, DIVAN.TV 2.0 aims to redistribute financial gains from middlemen to reward viewers for watching its content and to solve the problems of improper targeting and data manipulation. It also ensures transparency and reduces threats of piracy and fraud through the use of smart contracts.

“Thankfully, we’re positioned well to bring this to life, given our extensive industry experience and established partners in the market,” said Kolodyuk.

For more information visit DIVAN.TV 2.0 is expected to launch in Q1 2019.

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