Founder and Chairman of the DIVANTV 2.0 Blockchain Video Platform Andrew Kolodyuk introduced the business values and market benefits of the new system. He explained why decentralized TV platforms will change the standard of the Paid Video Streaming industry in the near future. 

What does DIVANTV 2.0 offer the industry’s players? 

The new Video Platform will be operated under a freemium model for viewers. DIVAN.TV 2.0 promises users the option to earn the equivalent of 10$ a month in D1T tokens by just watching their favorite movies and TV shows. These tokens can then be used to access premium content. Content creators get paid 50% of ad revenue, not 3-5% like on other video content sites. 

Decentralized technology ensures transparency for all parties and reduces the threat of piracy and fraud. It will accompany all Smart TV devices. Once online, DIVAN.TV 2.0 will be accessible for other services in Smart TV App Stores.


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